Business Intelligence

Total Intelligence is focused on helping business to unlock their data and empower their staff and stakeholders and we are very excited by the challenge and the possibilities.

MI View is an affordable Business Intelligence Solution for business users.

Avoiding the limitations of legacy BI solutions and using the strengths of today’s search engine technology, MI View has thrown away the old Business Intelligence blueprint and created the new benchmark by

  • Removing the need to rely on the IT department to answer Ad hoc enquiries by empowering users to get answers to their questions directly, easily and quickly themselves
  • Making information available to everyone in a form that allows them to be more productive and more responsive to their customer and business needs
  • Encouraging an information culture and promoting business growth by reducing IT budgetary demands and speeding decision processes.

MI View is helping business users explore data and answer their questions in real–time, faster and with less cost and effort than any other comparable technology.

A Board International ‘BI Survey’ (the world’s largest independent BI survey) confirms that the three top reasons customers buy Business Intelligence tools are:

  • Functionality
  • Ease of use for End users
  • Fast query performance (selection criterion most closely linked to project success)

MI View excels in all of these areas.

Where other more traditional applications can be cumbersome, complex and costly, MI View is adding value by focusing on what users say they really want:

  • Ease of deployment and integration
  • Speed of delivery
  • Accurately reported data
  • Single view dashboards combining disparate data sources
  • Security
  • Cost effectiveness

Now users can get answers to their own questions themselves, whenever they want, without having to prepare report templates, or waiting to receive batch reports, or for nightly data loads to be completed to provide them with the up–to–date information they so urgently need.