THE 3 I’s

Our Consulting Services provides three main categories of services: Initiate, Integrate, and Innovate. 


Getting you started in the right way and making sure that from day one you see business benefit is key to the success of any project. Establishing the business information needs and identifying the source data to be collected is where we start. This data will need to be loaded up into your chosen solution either on a one-off basis, as in the case of Compliance Tracker, or be available to feed our BI and Data management products on a continuous schedule.


Once you are up and running you will rapidly start to see the possibilities that our solutions can bring and will give you the opportunity to take your Information Strategy to the next level. Total Intelligence will be there to help you make that happen. The Integrate Service brings substantial experience and know-how to the project and will help your team have the right knowledge and support to achieve success. Whether it’s bringing in new systems and data sources, increasing resilience and/or users, launching a new service or generating new reports and dashboards, our consultants can help you get set-up, deploy and make sure that you are able to support the new environment driving project and business success.


As you your information strategy develops Total Intelligence can be there to help you on the way. Creating a multi-site enterprise environment, a federated information service, sharing information with your partners or delivering cloud-based services are all possibilities. The Innovate Service and our team of Consultants is there when you need them and can help to define and design a solution that meets your business needs. This service can help you with your future Information Strategy and understand how you achieve it with our solutions.

Engage our Consulting Team today and drive your information strategy forward.

If you have a requirement, bridge a short-term capability gap or fast track a project please contact us at or and we will be happy to discuss your requirement.