Case study of commissioners in south west implementing MI view, hosted by Gloucestershire CCG

South west commissioners implement MI View to gain operational intelligence

The Regional NHS Directory of Services team, hosted by NHS Gloucestershire CCG on behalf of seven CCGs in the South West identified a need to analyse and interrogate the vast amount of data created by NHS 111 and other health economy providers such as Out of Hours, Acute Trusts and Ambulance Services, to provide commissioners with operational intelligence and an insight into service provision as distinct from patient demand. As part of the Urgent & Emergency Care Development Programme, the DoS Team, led by Gavin Reader, SR Para, had already procured and deployed from Intuiti Solutions Ltd’, their MiDoS search tool to enable clinicians based in call centres or mobile in the field to access the wealth of information in the NHS DoS.

The volume and complexity of the data captured by MiDoS, when concatenated with existing data sets, led the team to search for a Business Intelligence tool which could be used by end users such as clinicians, managers and commissioners without having to rely on an already very busy Management Information Team.

Having extensively reviewed the BI market, it was decided that MI View from Total Intelligence Ltd was the best fit solution, due to:

  1. The speed of report design by non-technical users
  2. The speed of deployment
  3. The scalability and flexibility of the product

The system is used to manipulate data received from the MiDoS application through a SQL interface. Various database sources are amalgamated into MI View’s indexes from which a multitude of queries, crosstab reports and graphs are produced. The various data sources are scheduled to update every hour so providing near real-time information. In addition, a report is automatically produced at 08:30 am daily containing the use of commissioned services over the previous 24 hours and then emailed as a PDF to various members of the DoS team and forwarded to CCG commissioners and key stakeholders as appropriate.

The NHS Directory of Services (DoS) has been uploaded through a CSV file into MI View. This data, through the postcode, has been amalgamated with a postcode file containing longitude and latitude information. MI View is then used to map this data onto a google map so the DoS Team and commissioners can visually see the location of the services across a geographical patch. In all 2.5 million postcodes have been uploaded into MI View then reduced to 110,000 to cover the specific geographical area covered by the CCG’s in this instance. This also allows MI View to visually ‘bunch’ postcodes on a google map and assign a search radius to be used with the Directory of Services.

As part of the deployment MI View is also being used by a local OOH’s provider. Data is uploaded to MI View via a CSV file on an automated hourly schedule from their Adastra system. Through various queries, crosstab reports and graphs a scheduled dashboard is then produced. This dashboard can then be accessed by various users through their browser.

Further plans include using MI View also to report on data received by the local 111 service. This would involve taking a ‘live’ feed from the host system and then to use the various functions of MI View to create commissioner reports/dashboards that can be viewed in a ‘live’ environment. The use of the mapping tool to identify hot spots of activity will again be used. Once this data has been obtained the plan is to repeat the process with several other organisations/trusts so that the commissioners can then track the patient journey as well as report on additional pathways.

Reports and dashboards will continue to be developed for the CCG commissioners as more data streams are established and Commissioners will also be licensed to run their own reports and dashboards whenever required.

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