Cumbria Health on Call launch BOB (Better OBservation) providing real time activity monitoring over operations.

Cumbria Health on Call provide Out of Hours healthcare services to patients, families and communities throughout the county.

If you require medical attention when your GP’s practice is closed, they are ready to help. CHoC has treatment centres in Carlisle, Penrith, Wigton, Whitehaven, Kendal and Barrow, offering out of hours support:

  • Monday to Friday 6.30pm until 8.00am
  • 24 hours throughout the weekend
  • Bank Holidays – including Easter, Christmas and New Year

Cumbria Health on call (CHoC) was formed out of a merger between CueDoc and Baycall in April 2009 to form a not-for-profit organisation serving patients and visitors to Cumbria covering a population of approximately 500,000 resulting in approximately 150,000 patient presentations.

In 2014, CHoC identified the need to be more effective at analysing and reporting on their activities, internally to the operations management team and externally to commissioners. In addition, there was a need to be aware of what was happening when it was happening NOT learning of issues after they occur and too late to take remedial action. Up until this point all reporting was developed using spreadsheets running off clinical data being captured within the Adastra system. The challenges posed by this approach were;

  • Time taken to accurately prepare reports, in particular NQR’s required by themselves and their commissioners.
  • Inability to be able to ‘drill down’ easily or at all to original data to analyse in depth any particular issues.
  • The difficulty of incorporating and combining other data sources to provide a more holistic view of operations.
  • Difficulty in fulfilling ad hoc requests in a timely manner for information required by various stakeholders.

MI View from Total Intelligence Ltd was chosen as the solution most suitable to provide CHoC with a more flexible and dynamic reporting environment for the following reasons.

  • Other similar organisations had successfully managed to move from predominately spreadsheet based reporting to using MI View.
  • MI View was relatively quick to install, implement and be trained to use, so return on investment was attractive.
  • Developing the necessary reports and dashboards was intuitive and very quick.
  • MI View provided CHoC with the opportunity to move to a real time reporting environment.

Since implementing MI View CHoC now produce all their operational reports which encompass

  • Operational reports showing a variety of metrics including capacity versus demand, demand versus forecast, GP attendance rates, case closure types, productivity, walk in rates, referral sources (A & E, Ambulance, 111), refer on rates (A & E, Ambulance, Hospital) and clinical presentations.
  • Quality and performance reports showing performance trends against NQR’s and locally agreed quality measures as well as metrics identified above
  • A live dashboard showing current and rolling demand (county wide and by location), walk in rates, 111 rates, waiting times and current cases.
  • A live map showing the location of vehicles and all current outstanding home visits.  Current home visits coordinates are taken from Adastra whilst Tom Tom’s feed in the current coordinates every 30 seconds giving the most up to date geographical positions.

The benefits of implementing MI View have been impressive.

Regular Operational meetings have been extended by half an hour as the operational data now available for analysis is so much richer leading to improvements in productivity and utilisation of resources whilst external recipients such as commissioners have been impressed and are now able to have more visibility over the delivery of CHoC’s services.

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